Making Dreams Come True!

Easy to install stroller tire straps

It’s the rhythm of the bumps

Soothing your baby into a peaceful sleep

Old Proven Method, New Execution

Convenient for

  • Longer naps in fresh air

  • Uninterrupted naps on the go

  • Soothes, calms and comforts the baby

Easy to Use


  • Slip it on and roll to put it on

  • Slip it off and roll to take it off

  • Designed with durability in mind


My daughter is not a good napper. She wants to stay up and not miss anything but then she gets cranky which is not fun for either of us. First time we used Sleepy Stroll, she was asleep in less than half the time it usually takes her to fall asleep. And she fell asleep faster and faster with each use.

~ Sabrina, CA


My son loves the Sleepy Stroll. We use it every day! Thanks for the awesome product 🙂

~ Jamie, NY


With Sleepy Stroll, now my son loves to take naps outside in fresh air!

~ Katy, KY


The Sleepy Stroll product is a very simple installation on the back wheels of your stroller that adds subtle, rhythmic bumps to your baby’s stroll. Considering the facts that my baby is very curious, loves being outside, and still falls asleep fairly quickly definitely speaks to the product’s effectiveness. You should definitely give it a go! 

~ Jasmin, MS

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