Baby Pacifier: The Ultimate Guide for Soothing Your Newborn

Baby Pacifier
Baby Pacifier

The decision to use a baby pacifier for your newborn depends on many factors. Is baby pacifier ok for you? Consider the benefits and risks of using a baby pacifier, steps to wean your baby and the most relevant tips when using a baby pacifier. Discussed below are some of the most valuable guides you should follow.

Factors to consider before using a pacifier

During the early weeks, baby pacifier use is likely not to cause problems as long as you are aware of the following:

  • Pacifiers can lead to strangulation or chocking if it breaks. Ensure you follow all the guidelines and keep an eye out of the many pacifier safety recalls.
  • Babies using pacifiers are prone to thrush. This can be transferred to Mom’s nipples.
  • Never substitute breastfeeding with a pacifier.
  • Studies show that newborn who takes pacifier tend to wean earlier. Therefore, they decided to leave breastfeeding early.
  • Occasionally, baby pacifier leads to speech problems, teeth misalignment of soft palate problems.

The merits

  • To some babies, pacifiers are vital contentment between feeding. Consider the benefits:
  • Most kids are happy when sucking something. Hence, a pacifier might soothe fussy babies.
  • When your baby can not fall sleep or has a problem settling down, a pacifier might play the trick.
  • Sucking on pacifiers during napping or bed time can help reduce sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Pacifiers provide temporary distraction.

The demerits

  • Pacifiers have pitfalls too. Consider the drawbacks:
  • Interference with breastfeeding: Sucking a pacifier is different from sucking the breast. Some newborn is sensitive to such differences. Early-stage usage can result in ending of breastfeeding.
  • Can lead to middle ear infections. However, the risk of infection is lower between the birth to 6 months of age.
  • Prolonged pacifier usage may lead to dental problems. A normal usage of the product does not affect. However, extended usage leads to tooth misalignment.

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