Mom’s Diet When Breastfeeding for Healthy Baby

Nutrition is the utmost priority in maintaining a good lifestyle. Your breast milk contains lots of nutrients that your child needs. What the mother takes in, the child takes in as well. Thus, breastfeeding and mom’s diet should not be ignored. It is that breastfeeding is good from birth up to six months and may even be better for some who breast feed up to three years old or seven years old. Your diet and the diet that was recommended to you while you were still pregnant should be the same diet that you must follow.

What to Avoid when breastfeeding

Breast milk is composed of nutrients, and its  important for baby’s growth. Hence, mothers should always keep in mind that taking in medications must be superintended by a health care provider. Some of these medications may be teratogenic. Teratogenic medications can harm your baby’s health since when passed from your breast milk to your baby when feeding. It is known to affect the normal functioning of your baby’s normal physical and psychological developments.

Subsequently, it is not recommended to take in alcohol as it can affect your baby. Always pay attention and take note of the flavors food you eat. Alcohol and strong-flavored foods affects the taste of normal breast milk to something. Apart from making your baby dislike your milk, it can also affect the baby negatively.


What to include in your Diet

You should regularly take in iron supplements and eat nutritious foods like whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include foods that provide plenty of protein, calcium, and iron since they are verified to be beneficial to you as well as your child. Such food groups can also help improve your immune system as your body’s needs would also be satisfied. Taking in iodine rich foods can minimize the risk of your particular baby illnesses and low intelligence. Sea foods like shrimps, crabs, lobsters and the likes are good sources of iodine.

Breast milk is the only source of collecting nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. One of the essential parts of post-natal care is nursing. When given on a regular basis, babies will have proper nourishment. Since breast milk does not contain fats, carbohydrates, and other chemical components, they are easily digested by children.

Regular breast milk diet in a baby’s food routine enhances its natural growth. A small child becomes very happy when he gets natural milk from a mothers breast as he craves for it. Breast milk is light food, besides it’s the main source of getting pure natural ingredients and different types of vitamins plus proteins.
Breast feeding plays a major role in increasing the mother child relationship besides helping in the natural and total development of the body. It looks into the child’s proper physical and mental up gradation. This is why mothers are advised to give breast milk to their babies.


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