Uninterrupted Sleep: How to Make Your Baby Get to Sleep

For you parents, newborn sleeping habits can make the first weeks be a nightmare for the entire family. Getting uninterrupted sleep with the arrival of the infant is quite a daunting task.

Whenever your baby cannot sleep for more than an hour or two, life can prove to be difficult. However, knowing the sleeping patterns for a toddler may provide much more comfort for the ever unending sleepless nights. This article delves into some of the essential things you can do as a new parent to make your baby have an uninterrupted sleep.

Make your newborn understand the difference between day and Night

Within the first ten weeks, your baby may be capable of differentiating day and night. It is therefore essential for you to teach them the difference between day and night. Thus,  it will help you avoid uninterrupted sleep.

Also, during the daytime, immerse your kid in the hustle and bustle of healthy life, but during night hours feed them before they retire to bed. After you place your baby in their crib, you should avoid eye contact and keep your voice low. It will necessarily allow your baby differentiate the times.



Do not feed minutes to sleep

For infants, they will need to be feed before they retire to bed. However, this should be done in time. Generally, you can bring the feeding time prior before birth time. This will help your baby become less dependent on sucking before sleep. Hence, you will not have problems with your baby not getting to sleep in time.

Help your newborn get uninterrupted sleep at night

Well, within the first three weeks, your baby’s sleep will last for around 60 minutes. But, it will increase with time. If you want to have an uninterrupted sleep during night hours, it is vital for them to learn on how to get back to sleep when they stir at the end of the sleep cycle.

If your baby is fond of crying after the cycles, do check to find out if they are hungry or wet. If all is fine, encourage them back to sleep by patting or stroking them.

Familiar bedtime Routine

To have an uninterrupted sleep for your newborn, you need to develop a healthy sleeping habit. You can achieve this by having a succession of events every night that teaches your baby that it is time to go to sleep.

Achieving uninterrupted sleep may not be an easy task. If you follow the above guide, both of you should have a joyous bedtime together.

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