Bathing your Newborn: The Simplest Approach to Take

For the first weeks of your newborn arrival, it’s always a challenging experience for new parents to bathe their baby. In fact, washing your newborn comes with different challenges ranging from where do I start the process from? Which type of Soap should I use and so on? In this article, we explore some of the methods you can deploy while bathing your newborn.

 Top and Bottom approach

Well for the first few weeks, you may want to stick to the more comfortable way of Sponge baths with a clean, wet wash cloth or bathing your newbornsponge. While doing that, you should always keep the temperature of the room warm and use a clean, warm towel underneath your baby and dry her off. Additionally, you should always clean their genital area thoroughly even after every diaper change.

Proper bath

For many, they always have to wait for the umbilical code to stump dry and fall off, or for the area to heal completely, before giving your newborn a real bath. At this stage, a bath does not increases the chances of risk infection in the cord. The primary concern would be to keep your baby warm to minimize heat loss. Always ensure the room is at a temperature and the water is warm.

Caution: The overuse of cleansers and tap water may damage your baby’s developing skin. Hence, it is imperative to look for gentle and neutral pH cleansers and mild soaps for use with babies. Also, use them sparingly during the first few weeks.

When bathing your newborn, you may find it a little bit scary at first. Handling wet, wriggling and soapy little one takes a lot of confidence and courage. So, stay calm and maintain a good grip on her. If your baby finds warm bath so soothing, you need to have them linger in water for a while.

While the above approaches can be used to bathe your baby, below are some of the safety tips you should follow while bathing your baby.

Bath safety Tips

The following tips will help keep your baby safe:

  • You should never leave your baby unsupervised in a bath.
  • Never put your baby in a bathtub when the water is still running.
  • Always remember to check the water temperatures before submerging your baby into the water.
  • Never leave your child unattended.

Be sure to follow all the bating procedures to keep your child safe during bath time.


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