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5 Tips How to Handle Baby Sleep Regressions by Nicole Johnson, Founder and Lead Consultant of The Baby Sleep Site®

Sleep regressions can be such a downer as a parent. Just when you start to feel you’re getting in your parenting groove, a sudden change can really shake your confidence.   What’s a sleep regression you ask?   A sleep regression can cause even the best sleeper to suddenly take too-short naps (or skip naps […]

Baby Pacifier: The Ultimate Guide for Soothing Your Newborn

The decision to use a baby pacifier for your newborn depends on many factors. Is baby pacifier ok for you? Consider the benefits and risks of using a baby pacifier, steps to wean your baby and the most relevant tips when using a baby pacifier. Discussed below are some of the most valuable guides you […]

The Challenges of Newborn Nap Routine Part 1

Newborn nap routine can be a challenge to establish. Whеn уоu’vе juѕt hаd a bаbу, you’ll find уоur nеwbоrn’ѕ rоutinеѕ сhаngе еvеrу week, thеn every twо wееkѕ. They соmе into thеir оwn ѕlеерing аnd eating hаbitѕ, аnd it’ѕ vital thаt уоu diѕсоvеr how ѕlеерing аnd eating соnnесt with еасh оthеr. Newborn nap routine can be challenging […]