Breastfeeding: Why You Need a Balanced Diet

Most of the time, new parents are wondering how breastfeeding will affect their diet. In fact, you probably do not need to make new changes to what you ate and breast-fed. However, there are several things to keep in mind.

What are the factors that mothers should consider when breastfeeding?

Balanced diet
Of course, you must keep your nursing calorie high. Breastmilk nourishes your baby when you have completely eaten it.

Especially when the body does not get enough nutrients, you will suffer, even if the diet does not hurt your baby. Dietary errors cause the process to take the body’s nutrients from their stores, and eventually the food will be exhausted. We recommend a balanced diet in Sleepy Stroll to gain strength and stamina for your physical needs.

Most suckling mothers feel an additional sense of hunger; this is a common phenomenon: your body is working on creating breast milk for your child. So, among your meals, snacking is the best way to keep your energy level and hunger under control, as you do when you are waiting.

Do you have a certain amount of calories that you need?
Most institutions offer several calories. However, it should be noted that there is no single answer for this. In general, nursing mothers should have at least 2000-2500 calories per day. The exact amount depends on several factors, such as:

Your weight.
The rate of metabolism.
How often do you breastfeed?
How many exercises.
In addition, instead of counting calories, your hunger level should behave like your guide.

Healthy eating.
Variety and balance are crucial for a healthy diet. Feeding proteins, carbohydrates and fatty foods provides the nutrients your body needs. It also allows you to feel longer.

Fresh fruits, grains and cereals not only provide more nutrients than processed starches, but also provide lasting energy. In addition, the choice of a wide range of products will help you and your child get vitamins, which they will need over time.

Healthy oils
When it comes to choosing oils, consider polyunsaturated fats. Some sources of healthy fat include:

Oily fish
Canola and
You should always try to limit saturated fats when eating. In addition to the bad for your diet, the mother can change the composition of fat, which is not suitable for newborns.

Avoid caffeine and drink plenty of water
Your lactating body needs a lot of fluid. The best guide to achieving this is to drink for your thirst. Most new parents: Would it be nice to have coffee while you are breastfeeding? In the morning the cup is not bad. Caution: do not wear it. Caffeine falls into a mother’s illness and accumulates in your child’s system, but it will not be easy to destroy it; Therefore, we recommend that you consume at least that.

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