Mom’s Diet When Breastfeeding for Healthy Baby

Nutrition is of vital importance to maintaining a good lifestyle. Your breast milk contains many of the nutrients your baby needs. What the mother takes, the child accepts too. Therefore, breastfeeding and maternal diet can not feed themselves. This is because breastfeeding is good from birth to six months and may even be better for those who breastfeed at three or seven years of age. Your diet and diet, recommended during pregnancy, should be the same as those you must follow.

What should I avoid while breastfeeding?
Breast milk is composed of nutrients, which is important for the baby’s growth. Therefore, mothers should always remember that the use of medications should be controlled by the health care provider. Some of these drugs may be teratogenic. Teratogenic drugs can affect your child’s health from the moment you breastfeed. This is known to affect the normal functioning of your child’s physical and psychological development.

After that, it is not recommended to drink alcohol because it could affect your child. Always be careful and pay attention to the flavors you eat. Alcohol and high flavor foods affect the taste of normal breast milk in something. In addition to the fact that your child does not like your milk, it can also negatively affect the baby.

What to include in your diet
You should take iron supplements regularly and eat nutritious foods, such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include products that provide a large amount of protein, calcium and iron because they are confirmed as beneficial to you and your child. These product groups can also help improve your immune system because your body needs will also be met. Consuming iodine-rich foods can minimize the risk of childhood illness and low intelligence. Seafood such as shrimp, crabs, lobsters and others are good sources of iodine.

Breast milk is the only source of nutrients, vitamins and proteins. Nursing is one of the major parts of postpartum care. With regular administration, babies will have adequate nutrition. Since breast milk does not contain fats, carbohydrates and other chemicals, children can easily absorb them.

A regular diet of breast milk in a routine program for a child increases natural growth. A young child becomes very happy when he receives natural breast milk from his mother, as he wishes. Breast milk is a light food, in addition, it is the main source of pure natural ingredients and several types of vitamins and proteins.
Breastfeeding plays an important role in increasing the mother’s relationship, as well as in the natural and complete development of the body. He considers the correct physical and mental gradation of the child. This is why mothers are encouraged to give milk to their children.

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