Pacifiers:Should you Give them to Your Baby

For the most part, the mother of the suitcase child can act like a magical trick. It is a quick and easy way for most children to relax and open their tears. No negative dummies can work very well when you relax your child and calm the crying (basically, if you want to suck and not have something for them). However, there are some pitfalls that you should know about before your baby will be breastfeeding.

What type of nipple is best for your child? This can be a trial and error problem before your child finds a pacifier for adoption. It should be noted that some children refuse to accept fools.

Often they come with a nipple, rubber or silicone nipple or a plastic silicone screen and handle. A mouth brush is designed to prevent your child from drowning.

Rubber or latex nipples are more flexible than silicone. But they do not last long. In addition, silicone fluids are perhaps more convenient to hold stones from latex more comfortable.

Similarly, orthodontic blankets are softer than traditional duvets. It was also designed to encourage your child to breastfeed just like breastfeeding. Therefore, it may be less effective for the development of your child.

When can you start giving a new nipple?
Experts advise not to give a blanket about a month; You live in nursing. This ensures that you have time to adjust the milk supply. Most parents have different reasons for using fools:

To help the child to sleep.
Can help reduce SID
Nevertheless, it is desirable to distinguish your child from pacifiers from 6 to 12 months.
How do babies nipples affect sucking?
Despite the literature that you read, there is no conclusive evidence that lift nipples cause nipples to accumulate. Some studies show that seizure of the nipple in a newborn reduces only the rates of breastfeeding.

Safety nipple
A few tips from to keep an eye on your baby’s blanket.

When you put them in a baby cot, just give the baby a nipple and do not use it again when you are sleeping.
Never attach a pacifier to your cradle or hang it around your neck with a cord or cord with a length of 6 inches. They can be drowned this way. Shorter clamps for ligers are in order.
Rinse thoroughly with hot water and soap every day and rinse thoroughly.
Never put deep pacifiers in honey-sweet things, it can cause problems with gums that are bad for these teeth.
Never give your child your blanket when they are not hungry. Sponges should never be used to delay food.
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