Designed by a mom with compassion in mind

It was only hour after hour spent rocking my newborn son to sleep for a nap that I got the idea of Sleepy Stroll. Nothing was working for weeks and my arms and my back were both numb beyond belief. My son hated the crib and would wake up as soon as I tried to lay him down. I did not know what to do. He stopped napping in the baby swing and outgrew the bouncer. I knew he was tired and wanted to sleep but nothing I tried helped. I noticed, however, that my son would fall asleep in his stroller anytime we went for a walk. What worked best was rolling the stroller across driveways, the bumpy kind. The stroller would hit a bump or two, and my son began to calm down and drift toward sleep. That was all it took. I soon realized that I wasn’t alone struggling with nap time for my baby. My close friends had similar problems with their newborns. An idea was born for a product, simple but effective. I wanted to help my son to fall asleep faster, on schedule and to get uninterrupted naps. I came up with my first prototype and it was a success with my son. Soon, my close friends wanted to try it too.

Birth of a child is a life changing experience. Being a mom of two young boys, Alexander and Ivan, I feel compassion for parents with newborns. That is why my team and I put a lot of energy and effort to bring this product to life.

Why Sleepy Stroll?

These patent pending stroller tire straps are easily installed on the tires of your stroller to simulate the bounce of uneven surface when rolled on to lull your baby into a peaceful slumber.
Designing Sleepy Stroll, my team and I have focused on ease of use and durability. We wanted to give parents the ability to slip the product on and off the wheels of a stroller, and we wanted the product to fit a variety of tire sizes, which is why Sleepy Stroll is available in three sizes, small, medium and large.  My close friends loved the results they got from Sleepy Stroll, and we all used it for outdoor naps in fresh air, and indoor naps on hot or rainy days.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth but it is also one of the most difficult jobs. With Sleepy Stroll we aim at alleviating stress associated with putting newborn children for a nap that many parents face. Sleepy Stroll has been observed to help fussy babies experiencing bellyache or colic.

Olya, wife and mother of two with entrepreneurial spirit.