Get Paid $10 for Trying Our New Baby Product at Home!

We are recruiting moms with newborn babies 2 weeks to 10 months old for a focus group to try a mom-invented product to soothe and help babies to fall asleep naturally faster! The product is intended for naps.

Forget bouncers, car rides and baby swings! Sleepy Stroll are stroller tire straps that you easily install on the tires of your stroller. Your baby falls asleep faster when you roll the stroller with the product on the stroller tires. Soothing motion of the bumps, puts your child to sleep naturally like a baby swing or a bouncer. It’s the rhythm of the bumps that soothes your baby to sleep.

We ship the product to you free of charge!

What’s required:
1. Recommended age of the baby is 2 weeks to 10 months
2. Have a stroller with back tires diameter 8.5 – 18 inches
3. Try our product for at least 3 days
4. Provide feedback on the product (10 question survey)
5. Get paid $10 via PayPal. This is $45 value offer. You get to keep the product.
6. Additional opportunities to earn more will be discussed upon completion of the survey

Email if interested or with any questions. You can also use Contact Us form or message on Facebook

Watch the videos below for more details!